Personal photography

Have you ever thought that you do not have professional photos of yourself? Well yes, you have some or a lot of selfies, some pictures from a friend or relative’s wedding with your husband, but we are talking about You and only You. Aren’t you are type of person who thinks that others look better in pictures? Aren‘t you a type of person who run away from the camera? Or maybe you do like taking pictures yourself, you are interested in photography, during family celebrations and friends meeting you always have a camera with yourself, but you don’t have pictures of yourself? Yes, that happens. Or you do want to have personal photo session, but you always have so many excuses and fear: I have nothing to wear, I have put some weight, I am not photogenic, I will look stupid in front of camera…

Or maybe one day, just do it!

Here are some tips how to prepare for a personal photo session.

1. Clothes. Think about the clothes which you like most. Talk over with a best friend or your husband. Pick the clothes from your closet that you feel best with. Or maybe you want to buy something new? Go to your favorite store and ask the advice of the most stylish consultant.

2. Hair and make-up. Take care of your hair and make-up. Well, we know you can do it yourself, but today leave this job for professionals. This day you will have enough of stress and excitement.

3. Relax and be confident! Believe me, a professional photographer will really help you to relax, and will advise how to look slim in the pictures. And only when you really relax, you can enjoy all the processes. Beautiful and natural look in the photo – this is a responsibility of photographer, trust him!

4. Have a look to the fashion magazines. Before the photo session flip through the several fashion magazines, pay attention to the model’s poses and mood in the pictures. Have a look to the pictures of the actresses, who is most similar to you.

5. Do it alone. Even the best friend can distract you.

At the end of the day, you will understand that you had a special day, you felt good, you were beautiful and confident. And maybe after that day you will never hide from the camera no more?

By the way, the same rules and tips will work for men.

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