Food photography


It’s no secret- we eat with our eyes first. That is why food photographs are as important as the food itself. Focus Studio offers food photography for advertisements, packaging, cookbooks, internet and press. We are able to execute various projects, from small to large orders, and we have all the necessities needed to fulfill any ideas.

Food photography:

• restaurant and hotel menus;

• food producers and wholesalers;

• book illustrations;

• chef and barman portfolios;

We have considerable experience in food photography. This type of photography requires vivid imagination, intuition and lighting skills. The photo studio is equipped with professional cooking equipment that is ideal for preparing food. We also take photos in customers’ desired facilities: kitchens, restaurants etc. We install a mobile studio with special lighting and photography set.

Contacts: Tel. +370 37 776996, Mob. +370 615 96996/ E-mail

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