Beauty photography

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Fashion and beauty are the most creative fields of photography. Usually these words are used in one sentence even though they are two different worlds. Fashion photography is connected to clothing and style. Beauty photography cooperates with cosmetics industry and everything that associates with skin and hair. Beauty photography is much more than just a nice model with a beautiful hairdo and make-up.

When speaking about beauty photography it’s the lighting that should be emphasized the most. No matter how impressive the model, the make-up or the hairdo is, beauty photography cannot be achieved without proper lighting that connects everything. In fashion photography lighting covers the whole scene, model and clothes while beauty photography focuses on the face therefore good knowledge and experience about lighting is required.

Focus Studio is the executor of various beauty photo sessions. If you are a hair stylist or make-up artist and want to capture your job that you have created, you can contact Focus Studio. Planning a cosmetics advertisement campaign which needs an image photograph? Focus Studio is what you need.

Focus Studio has spacious and modernly equipped facilities that are fitted for photographing works of stylists and make-up artists: we have make-up chamber, a bathroom and a recreational space. Working conditions are excellent and you should love the atmosphere.

Contacts: Tel. +370 37 776996, Mob. +370 615 96996 / E-mail

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