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Fashion is life, it‘s the art of living in beauty. Fashion is beauty, luxury and something new. Fashion always amazes, charms and embraces. It‘s like a virus that takes over a person and he can’t live without it. We often admire fashion in photography. Fashion photography, as well as fashion itself, is dazzling, eye-catching, but not vulgar as it is tasteful and presented at the highest level. Fashion photography is not only taking pictures of clothing and accessories, it is capturing feelings and lifestyle.

Fashion can be photographed in photo studios and other facilities which assist in creating vivid pictures that illustrate and advertise clothing, accessories and lifestyle. The task of a fashion photographer is to create spectacular photographs which can later be used to sell lifestyle and clothing styles. A fashion photographer interprets designer’s secret thoughts, ideas and associations.

Most people associate fashion photography with New York, Paris and Milan. Yes, fashion industry is very strong there. Fashion photography is always alongside fashion itself. But fashion photography is discovering its niche in Lithuania also. Darius Tarela from Kaunas has been creating fashion photography in Lithuania for many years. Darius Tarela is an independent freelancing professional and founder of the “Focus Studio”. Currently he is working with the Fashion Studio team on various advertisement projects but most of all he associates himself with fashion photography.

Photographer Darius Tarela can’t imagine fashion photography without luxury. Luxury is the most important factor in fashion photography: glamorous surroundings, expensive clothing and even expensive rest. It is hard to imagine fashion that would be photographed in poverty or war, even though there are exceptions.

Photographer Darius Tarela states that not all photographers can photograph fashion. A fashion photographer must be innovative, creative, always following and taking interest in the latest fashion tendencies, history and fashion photography. Since fashion world is ever-changing, the photographer must always update his style, look for new colors and ideas in order to avoid that “I’ve seen it somewhere” effect in his work. Fashion photographers must astound us and make us sigh. Fashion is freshness, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

A model plays a huge part in fashion photography. Without a model fashion photography is unimaginable. Professional model is one of the most successful photo session guarantors.

Photographer Darius Tarela highlights the idea that most fashion photographies must be neutral, with calm-faced models not looking at the camera. It produces the effect that the photograph was shot secretly. Fashion photography not only captures clothing or accessories, it creates lifestyle and personal history.

Darius Tarela can’t imagine fashion photography without teamwork, which usually involves make-up artists, stylists models and project managers. Absolute harmony and trust must prevail amongst such a team. Then team members can gain creativity from each other. Better teamwork- better results.

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