Children’s birthdays in photo studio

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The most personal celebrations throughout the year are birthdays and for children they are also the most important and significant ones. That is why we pay special attention, put extra effort and sensitivity into this sphere.

We are offering you to have an original birthday celebration for your children in Focus Studio- here the cake will taste better and it will be much more fun:

• Birthday’s main attraction – the birthday photo shoot. The professional photographer will fix the moments of the celebration. Great attention to anniversaries and all guests and parents. Let us remember that children are often fascinated by models, especially girls. Therefore birthday can give them the opportunity to feel like stars.

• The photo studio has enough space. In here children will feel particularly safe, free and cheerful.

• Parents can prepare for birthday party in our kitchen.

• Photo Studio is fitted to satisfy both children and adults. Adults can relax in the lounge zone or at the bar where they can have some real Italian coffee.

  We recommend celebrate children birthdays in studio from 8 years old.

Birthday celebration in our photo studio will be an unforgettable, which always remind birthday photos.

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